As you move through life it’s super easy to get swept up in the day to day of life, responding to the world around you. Somehow you lose touch and find yourself with no clear path through life, unaware of the choices you make day to day, you’re on auto-pilot.

Classes at Choice Driven Life are here to help you discover your path through life so that you are running your life, it isn’t running you.

Symptoms that you’ve lost control of your life include:

  • Constant feeling of being ‘too busy’ or overwhelmed
  • Experience of guilt or pressure to please others
  • Private feelings of inadequacy
  • Never enough time for yourself
  • Often feels like you’re “faking it until you make it” in life
  • People assume you have it all together, but you know you’re actually a hot mess
  • Somewhere you lost track of your dreams, maybe even forget what they were

If you want to broaden your perspective, think outside the box and live with intentionality, these classes are designed for you!

7 Days. 7 Exper-I-ments. 7 Dollars.

When you decide to take on The Exper-I-ment you will receive daily support and structure. Instructions on how to perform a daily Exper-I-ment designed to have you re-discover different aspects of yourself. 

It is possible to take control of your life, to enjoy it. You can create your own world. These are all skills that you can acquire.

Learn the 6 Tools you need in your internal tool box to begin creating your own Choice Driven Life.

The Crafting Intention Journey will give you specific, practical ways to apply what you already know and to integrate it into your daily life. You will do this through establishing new habits and building new mental, emotional and spiritual muscles.

Through 6-weeks of daily practice and exploration you will Invest the time in yourself and learn what it feels like to create a life that is aligned and on purpose.