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You get to design your path, and you do not have to do it alone. I mentor people in proactively, creating their world. Yep, you can {create} your life, your career/business, relationships and even your relationship to your Self. You just have to decide how you want to begin...

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How is your life going?

This is not intended to be a daunting question, though for many of us, it is.

Your life, career, your day-to-day—it’s going, sure, but it’s almost like your life is going all around you. Or at you. You’re at the center of this life, but is it yours, really? It may feel like your life is a series of decisions, obligations, things you need to do or the things you never get to, tending to the people who rely on you—who you are is a walking reaction to whatever needs attention right now.  

Did you know that it’s okay to ask for help?


Define your path - with just $10 and 60 min of your time.

Success Stories

Here's what real {awesome} people say about me.


Spiritual Medium

I love working with Sunni, her way of looking at me assumes that I’m capable of such amazing things, such growth, that it inspires me to see it as possible as well. She ignites a fire inside me that has me get into action.




Somehow, within minutes of our meeting, Sunni tapped into something. She helped me eliminate old beliefs and patterns and define a path to true, lasting abundance for myself, my family and our business.




I've worked with Sunni for years because she is the perfect blend of spirituality and practicality. I’m always able to apply our work to my everyday life in a very practical way.



Hair Stylist

Sunni holds space for others to discover themselves. Her style is gentle, I’ve always felt supported and inspired by her vulnerability and honesty.



Software Sales Rep

Sunni cut through all the noise, allowing me to identify what is most important to me. Thanks to the clarity I found I’m no longer second-guessing myself!



Health Coach

Working with Sunni is like tapping into a non-judgemental, kind, yet unfailingly honest and insightful human super brain. I highly recommend her!

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